Festival Week (page 2)

This Festival Week occurs once every seven years and always during this particular week in December.  Each Festival Week period sees the inauguration of a new cycle and a new opportunity for humanity to take an evolutionary leap. Following on from the Festival week seven years ago, we have seen great political, social, and economic upheavals such as the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring and the on‐going focus, with varying success, on achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals and creating a new green economy in response to climate change and resource depletion.

Because this year the full moon falls on December 28th the week is said to carry tremendous potency.  This week will be most powerfully felt by those members of humanity whose lives are dedicated to service--in all the many fields of endeavor.  The future of the planet lies in their hands and the “festival week” can strengthen them for the next seven year cycle.

The Festival Week is not an isolated event but rather forms part of a larger cycle of change, which serves to highlight this time as the most important in the entire history of life on Earth. We are passing through the birth pangs of a new age described in an ancient prophecy as “a time of rending, when the mountains, which have sheltered, fall from their high places, and the voices of men are lost in the crash and thunder of the fall." Such periods come only at rare and long intervals, and each time they come a peculiarly significant period of divine activity is ushered in; old things pass entirely away, yet the ancient landmarks are restored. Gradually a new rhythm will impose itself, and instead of social chaos as now, we will have order and rule.

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